MANCHETTE K, bracelet, accessoire

The French brand ‘KLAIR with a K’ was born in 2010 in the East of France with Claire CHOFFEL. She trained as a bootmaker and leather worker and then decided to create bespoke leather goods and accessories that mean something to her. New patterns and shapes, original gaiters, handbags and jewels.


She draws her inspiration from medieval churches and castles, and loves elegance, details and vintage goods. Leather has all the qualities she looks for ; durability, nobility and quality.


The new product of her collection is a leather cuff directly inspired by the Middle Ages with knights, arms and castles. It is interlaced and reveals all your sensuality and nobility.  


To create a discreet identity for couples, she created the men version of this cuff. This way, you can imagine buying a package.


This product is handmade and consists of different laces, so you can easily choose the colors you like the most.


And last but not least, Claire found the perfect balance between functionality and fashionable flare with this new creation as you can wear it in three different ways : as a nice elegant cuff/bracelet, as a decoration for the buckle of your belt or on the strap of your shoulderbag. (see photos)


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Manchette Promesse de Rencontre